Tree Removal

We specialize in hazardous tree removal and confined space tree removal.
We cut trees in a safe, well planned and controlled way.
Your property takes precedence.
Our customers always appreciate our care and cleanliness.

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Tree Pruning & Trimming

Our goal is to preserve and beautify trees through professional trimming and pruning. We prune trees large and small with skill and experience. Our in-depth knowledge of tree species and biology can help you achieve all of your pruning goals, such as better visibility, construction clearance, deadwood removal, more sunlight, and aesthetics.

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Stump Removal & Grinding

Trio Tree Services can grind unwanted stumps on your property. We arrange for utility locate and grind below grade.

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Tree Planting

WE LOVE TO PLANT TREES! Installation of trees is a large investment and must be done correctly for best results. We will help you choose the perfect tree and get off to a good start.

Contact us for recommendations on pickup, delivery and installation costs.

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Land Cleaning

Contact us to clear your lot and prep for construction and building. Brush chipping service available.

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